User interface & widgets

Social Login

Picture of Social Login
Allow customers to log in or register with social accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Amazon, Microsoft (Live), PayPal,, Yandex,, FoursQuare, Instagram (16 networks))

Simple Checkout

Picture of Simple Checkout
Simple checkout is a great plugin helping you simplify NopCommerce checkout process and increase sales rate.


Picture of NopSpeedFilters
Filters for NopCommerce product Navigation (specifications, product attributes, manufactures, vendors, price range).


Picture of LoginWithEmail
Allow customers to login with either Email Address or Username.

Customer's requests 2.0 (history, extra features)

Picture of Customer's requests 2.0 (history, extra features)
This plugin is advanced version of our plugin Request For Quote with history of requests and new extra features.


Picture of NopArticles
Add articles (news, promotions, tips, reviews, etc) to your website.

Content manager

Picture of Content manager
Add HTML, Youtube, pictures, banners, etc. in any widgetZones for all customers and products or using conditions.

Social Widget

Picture of Social Widget
Integrates buttons (modules, plugins) of social networks (Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.) in any combination and anywhere on your website.

Simple Collection

Picture of Simple Collection
Plugin allows the store's owner to collect the products in one collection (one series, virtual group, one set) of one manufacturer.


Picture of SpeedTab
Plugin allows to add Tabs to each product.

Popup Login Form

Picture of Popup Login Form
Popup Login is a unique Login extension designed to increase the number of registrations.

Request For Quote (simple PopUp form)

Picture of Request For Quote (simple PopUp form)
Request For Quote plugin allows your customers to send any requests (request for quote, match the price, etc.) to the site's owner using simple PopUp form.

Check Order Status

Picture of Check Order Status
Plugin allows customers to check order status without authentication.

Slider Manager

Picture of Slider Manager
Add any number of sliders with images, videos and YouTube on any pages using difficult conditions.

Modular Products

Picture of Modular Products
Plugin for selling sets of products (furniture, dishes, modular products, collections of products, etc.).

Phone number mask

Picture of Phone number mask
Plugin adds phone number mask.

Landing Page

Picture of Landing Page
Plugin adds landing page for products.

Dealer Locator (Store locator)

Picture of Dealer Locator (Store locator)
Plugin adds url with the list of dealers (stores) and customer can find the nearest dealer (store) to him.

Special Price Countdown Timer

Picture of Special Price Countdown Timer
Countdown Timer can help you to run more efficient store promotions. The timer displays the time before the offer will expire and force users to buy immediately.