Payment modules

PayPal Express Checkout

Picture of PayPal Express Checkout
Payment plugin for PayPal Express Checkout.

PayPal Plus

Picture of PayPal Plus
Payment plugin for PayPal Plus.

PayPal Standard Pro

Picture of PayPal Standard Pro
Payment plugin for PayPal standard mode. This payment method creates nop order only after approving payment (Button Payment Method).

LiqPay payment module (PrivatBank) 3.0

Picture of LiqPay payment module (PrivatBank) 3.0
LiqPay payment module (PrivatBank) for Ukraine and Russian. API 3.0.

Payment Method Rules

Picture of Payment Method Rules
Limit use of payment methods by customer's address, customer role, date of order, order amount and shipment methods, checkout attributes and product specifications, etc.

PayPal exchange rate provider

Picture of PayPal exchange rate provider
PayPal exchange rate provider