SEO plugins

Rich results (Rich Cards) (JSON-LD)

Picture of Rich results (Rich Cards) (JSON-LD)
Plugin adds JSON-LD structured data snippet on pages.

Google Pagespeed Tools

Picture of Google Pagespeed Tools
Increase ranking for your pages.

Meta Tag Manager (SEO)

Picture of Meta Tag Manager (SEO)
Add/change meta tags on product, category, manufacturer, home and any pages using different rules.

Google Customer Reviews

Picture of Google Customer Reviews
Add Google Customer Reviews badge and the Survey Opt-in in the checkout page.

Google Pagination Links (SEO)

Picture of Google Pagination Links (SEO)
Indicating paginated content to Google. Use rel="next" and rel="prev" links or headers to indicate the relationship between component URLs.

Brotli Compression

Picture of Brotli Compression
Add support Brotli for your nop store.

Google XML Sitemap for Images

Picture of Google XML Sitemap for Images
Plugin creates Google XML Sitemap for Images.

Google Multi Language Sitemap

Picture of Google Multi Language Sitemap
Plugin creates Google Multi Language Sitemap and adds 'hreflang' attribute.

Internal Links (SEO)

Picture of Internal Links (SEO)
SEO. Carries out internal website linking to raise your website’s ranking in search engines.