Marketing & sales

Feed Manager

Picture of Feed Manager
Export your products from your store into csv, txt and xml data feeds. 59 templates! Google Shopping, Amazon, Ebay, Facebook, PriceGrabber, Rakuten, Shopzilla, etc.

Smart Campaigns 3.0

Picture of Smart Campaigns 3.0
Plugin for promotional e-mailings to users, reminders (you can set conditions for selection of message recipients). Example. Abandoned shopping carts, automatic e-mails after purchase and more.

Newsletter Subscription (Discount Coupon, etc.)

Picture of Newsletter Subscription (Discount Coupon, etc.)
Newsletter subscription popup window. Support discount, reward points for subscription.

Discount Manager (DiscountOrder)

Picture of Discount Manager (DiscountOrder)
Another discount (4 algorithms). Buy 1 get the 2nd (3nd, etc) x,xx% OFF.

NopStickers V2

Picture of NopStickers V2
Plug-in adds stickers, ribbons, framing, etc., allows to carry out different types of actions.

Automatic Related Products

Picture of Automatic Related Products
Add products on blog, news, topic pages for promotions and add news and blog posts on product details page.

Special Price Offers

Picture of Special Price Offers
Individual prices. This is not a discount.

Product Referral Rewards

Picture of Product Referral Rewards
Extend your "Email a Friend" system with valuable incentives and watch your product referrals increase dramatically!

Review Rewards Program

Picture of Review Rewards Program
Write review and earn rewards points.


Picture of NopNegativeFee
Add negative fee using payment or shipment method.

Special Price Countdown Timer

Picture of Special Price Countdown Timer
Countdown Timer can help you to run more efficient store promotions. The timer displays the time before the offer will expire and force users to buy immediately.

Out Of Stock Last

Picture of Out Of Stock Last
Move 'Out Of Stock' products to the end of the list and back them if products are 'In Stock' again.

Search Spelling Corrector

Picture of Search Spelling Corrector
Search Spelling Corrector will correct any misspelling, mistyping or misunderstanding while searching products in your online store.

NopShareYourCart 2.0

Picture of NopShareYourCart 2.0
Send (Share) your shopping cart on Facebook wall and get a discount (a coupon).

NopShareYourOrder 2.0

Picture of NopShareYourOrder 2.0
Send (Share) your order (after payment) to Facebook wall and receive a discount (a coupon).

General Tracking (Customer's Interests)

Picture of General Tracking (Customer's Interests)
Tracking system. What are your customers interested in? Statistics.

Metrilo Connector

Picture of Metrilo Connector
Plugin adds all tracking events and sends orders to Metrilo in background mode.