Another plugins


Picture of Watermark
Plugin adds a watermark to product images (Support Azure Blob storage and CDN).

MSSQL Provider V2 (Performance)

Picture of MSSQL Provider V2 (Performance)
Plugin to speed up website performance. Performance Optimization.

NopCommerce Performance Optimization Service

Picture of NopCommerce Performance Optimization Service
NopCommerce Performance Optimization Service helps provide better shopping experience to your customers by speeding up your stores.

Maintenance Automation

Picture of Maintenance Automation
This plugin is part of our performance optimization.

History of Changes 3.0 (Audit Log)

Picture of History of Changes 3.0 (Audit Log)
The log of changes of basic store items (products, categories, manufacturers, customers). You can view the history of changes (old and new value).

Plugin Collection

Picture of Plugin Collection
All of our plugins are included (73 pcs.). ONE serial number for all our products.

Performance Fix EF Core 2.10 (nop 4.10)

Picture of Performance Fix EF Core 2.10 (nop 4.10)
This plugin solves the bug for EF Core 2.10 performance issue with Lazy Loading.