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    I was afraid amount mode of rounding.
    Please download the new release of plugin form our site and check it again.
    Use the same product and the same price.

    28 days ago

    I wrote in other post that I think that the problem is in rounding.

    1. What rounding in nopcommerce do you use ?
    2. What primary currency do you use, maybe you use multiple currencies?

    28 days ago

    I think the problem is in rounding.

    1. What amount do you see on checkout page in nopcommerce
    77.69 or 77.68?

    2. Download the new release and try it

    28 days ago

    I did the new release, try it.

    29 days ago

    I used old LinkedIn application and it worked for my old application.
    Thank you for report about this issue.

    one month ago

    Thank you I solved this issue in the release 2.03

    one month ago

    The problem was in many Guests accounts
    Thank you for investigation this issue.
    I did the new release. 3.03

    one month ago

    Plugin uses default datetime format which by default is derived from the Regional and Language Options item in Control Panel.
    But I think you are right. It's better to add the new parameter to the template "DateTime format"

    one month ago

    I added in the release 1.07

    one month ago

    I am sorry for my mistake.

    Copy plugin to this folder

    Example of path

    Restart nopcommerce after it.

    one month ago

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