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    This new Stripe API uses one-time payment.
    When customer presses the button 'Submit payment' than Stripe moves money to you (check 3D Secure before it).
    But nopcommerce redirects customer to "Order Confirm" step of checkout. If customer doesn't confirm order but Stripe charges money.

    I thought a lot.
    I have several ideas.
    1. When customer presses the button 'Submit payment' than plugin creates the nop order at once and skip nopcmmerce the last step of checkout.

    2. Or another solution...
    I don't like it.
    Customer set the credit card in Payment Info step of checkout.
    Customer presses the button 'Confirm Order' on the next step of checkout.
    After it plugin ask Stripe to check 3D Secure.
    If customer has crdit card with 3D Secure he will see the new window with 3D Secure from the bank.
    But I don't like such solution.

    3. Show credit card page after creating nop order.
    Customer selected "Stripe Direct"  and he will see nopcommerce Confirm Order checkout step. Customer presses the button 'Confirm Order' and he sees the page with credit card values and with the button 'Submit payment'.

    What do you think?

    2 months ago

    I did the new release. Download the new ZIP file and try.
    You will see the new parameter on plugin configure page.
    Write me about result.

    2 months ago

    I'll add the new parameter on plugin configure page.
    "Enable Email Receipts". Some of store's owners didn't want to have such feature.
    Check plugin changelog after several days.

    2 months ago

    Yes. Thank you.
    I did it for old Stripe Charge API.

    2 months ago

    Yes. Thank you.
    I did it for old Stripe Charge API.

    2 months ago

    I agree with you.
    Stripe answered that  Payment is the last step in checkout.
    I didn't get answer from Stripe about possible usign 2 steps of payment process yet.

    I saw only two solution.
    1. Move the step with payment info (credit card) to the last  step "after confirm order".
    Customer pressed the button 'Confirm order' and plugin showed customer the new page with credit card fields.

    2. When customer pressed 'Submit payment' than plugin created the nop order.
    We skip the nopcommerce last 'Confirm order' step.

    But I want to get official answer.
    This Stripe API is the new...

    2 months ago

    >"Authorize and Capture" mode you could use the Stipe API in the Authorize mode and automatically capture the money upon NOP order completion with a separate API call?

    It's one of solution. I thought about it too.

    To use method 'Capture' when customer pressed the button 'Confirm Order'.
    I thought about it.

    But we have the problem.
    When customer didn't press the button 'Confirm Order' the money will be locked on customer's credit card 7 days. We need to do Void for such unconfirmed order.

    But it's a solution too.
    I want to get answer from Stripe support.

    2 months ago

    I understand you. My plugin used the old Stripe API too.
    Old Stripe API has another logic.
    When customer did a payment after it we got a "token" and we submitted payment using this token "token"  after  nop order was created. Most of payment methods use this algorithm.

    1. Don't confuse "Capture and Confirm" in Stripe words.
    New Stripe API supports two modes 'Authorize' and 'Authorize and Capture'.

    What does it 'Confirm'?
    2. When customer pressed the button 'Submit payment' after it Stripe saved this credit card into internal storage.
    Next step. Plugin sent command 'Confirm payment' - (it's not a confirm nop order!!!).
    After it you can see this payment in the Stripe Dashboard with status "Unfinished".
    Stripe checked the credit card and Stripe saw 3D Secure.
    Stripe JS library will show the popup window. Customer needs to set secured code.
    After it Stripe changes the payment status with new value Charged or Authorize.

    and customer will go to the next step - nop checkout confirm page.

    I speak with Stripe how you disable automatic charging of payment in the new API.

    2 months ago

    It's good.

    Customer did a payment and Stripe sent a webhook at once, but customer didn't do nop order (didn't press the button 'Confirm order').
    Plugin sends 'error' to webhook. After Stripe will send new webhook after 3-5 minutes.
    Customer pressed 'confirm order'.
    Stripe sends webhook again. Plugin changes the payment status order.

    2 months ago

    Here you can order a new plug-in functionality.

    2 months ago

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