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    What checkout plugin or method (onepage?)  do you use?

    18 days ago

    >In Developer Tools I was able to see a 400 error invaild sdk meta
    Send me the "wrong URL", maybe PayPal changed something.

    18 days ago

    I need to think.
    I'll be busy next two weeks and I need to think about better solution.

    29 days ago

    I need to think.
    Write me on Monday

    one month ago

    I didn't understand you.

    one month ago

    >Im using standard checkout on nopCommerce 3.8

    1. One page checkout or multipages?
    2. Do you any external theme? Maybe the theme developer used another HTML markup for "Buy" button. Can you ZIP your theme and send me it to my email?

    one month ago

    'Include Tax'  - this parameter is for product prices.

    transactionTotal - order total with tax and shipping fees.
    transactionTax - order total tax.

    I can add the new parameter 'transactionSubTotal'
    transactionTotal - order subtotal value (with or without TAX)
    What do you think?

    one month ago

    The problem was in TLC1.2
    Read this topic

    You didn't enable TLC1.2 for nop store.
    I did it in new release of plugin.  Download the new one and try it.
    Write me about result.

    one month ago

    Can you try to clear the browser's cache and download the ZIP file again?
    I checked it and it has a folder 4.20.
    Please do it and write me about result.

    one month ago

    I did it.

    one month ago

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