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    >How do I get the plugin to recognize affiliate referrals when they register?
    No. Nopcommerce does it itself.

    >How do we get the popup to work on other Register links we have throughout the site?
    Plugin tries to find all "Register buttons" using this JS command.

                    $(".register-button").click(function () {
                        return false;

    18 days ago

    Check if you use another plugin for square with old square kernel DLL file.
    Remove another plugins from the folder Plugins and restart your store.
    Each square kernel library has own API.
    Do it and write me about result.

    20 days ago

    I added the new release. Try it.

    20 days ago

    I did the new release 1.02

    his is answer from PayPal PayFlow     RESULT=0
         PREFPSMSG=No Rules Triggered
         POSTFPSMSG=No Rules Triggered  

    I copied this values
                    result.AvsResult = AVSZIP;
                    result.Cvv2Result = CVV2MATCH;

    21 days ago

    Pay attention to "Ratio to primary weight". Set it 0.001

    24 days ago

    You did wrong rate from GRAMM to KG.
    You set rate 1.
    Your product has weight 321 GRAMM.
    Nopcommerce converts the weight to KG and we has 321 KG.
    You wanted to send 321 KG.

    Correct value is 0.321 KG.
    Fix this issue with rates between Gramm and Kg.

    24 days ago

    I can't solve this issue myself.

    Open your  Measures list in nop admin mode and check how you convert Gramm to KG.
    You need to use this conversation
    1000 Gramm = 1KG
    1Gramm = 0.001KG.

    Now Nopcommerce converted 2760GRAMM  => 1252KG

    Please do it and write me about result.

    25 days ago

    The problem is in your dimensions.

    You use grams.
    I'll solve this issue.
    1000 grams = 1 KG.

    25 days ago

    I did the new release 1.11.
    I added the new two types : Discount Fixed and Surcharge Fixed.

    Download the new release and try it.
    Write me about result.

    one month ago

    You can try trial version.

    1. Create the shipping rule 1 for manufacturer A and set "Rate Surcharge"  25$. Configure Action "Go to next step".
    2. Create the shipping rule 2 for manufacturer B and set "Rate Surcharge"  10$. Configure Action "Go to next step".

    Customer added two products from manufacturer A and one product from manufacturer B in his shopping cart.

    Nopcommerce calculates shipping fee for all products, ex 33.12$
    Plugin will add 25$  (shipping rule 1)
    Plugin will add 10$  (shipping rule 2)
    Total shipping fee 33.12+25+10

    Plugin will add 25$  (shipping rule 1)

    one month ago

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