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    If you need some help with Cloudflare you can write to us by email

    3 days ago

    If you move you DNS to Cloudflare you needn't use my plugin. Cloudflare will evething itself.

    3 days ago

    You can configure Cloudflare in front of your store. You needn't use this plugin for such logic. You need to configure DNS for such solution.
    You can use Cloudflare for pictures, js and css files. You need to use this plugin for such logic. You can see the CDN url for static files in Cloudflare admin mode.

    3 days ago

    How to install and configure the module in the online store.

    or read our documentation link.

    12 days ago

    Topic for reporting any problems and bugs.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: There is a known issues with installing new plugins in nopCommerce.
    Please read this post for more information.

    12 days ago

    Here you can discuss plug-in operation.

    12 days ago

    Here you can order a new plug-in functionality.

    12 days ago

    Can you give me login and password to this test store?
    Send me them to

    Plugin didn't add HTML element 'captcha' in the file LoginForm.cshtml.

                                @if (Model.DisplayCaptcha)
                                <div id="fnspopuplogincaptchabox" class="captcha-box">

    I want to check it myself.

    I think you didn't enable this parameter "_captchaSettings.ShowOnLoginPage"

    14 days ago

    Please check if you enabled captcha for Login and Registration pages.

    _captchaSettings.Enabled && (_captchaSettings.ShowOnLoginPage || _captchaSettings.ShowOnRegistrationPage);

    18 days ago

    >I can only see the recaptcha error in Console and I do not see the recaptcha on the popup.

    Please restart nopcommerce and check it again.
    Can you try to disable "Enable form caching for improve performance"?

    18 days ago

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