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    The plugin converts pictures to JPEG/PNG formats.
    You could use the native format.
    Open the plugin configure page and enable "Use external picture service".

    1 month ago

    Try to upgrade the plugin and use the last release.
    I added this feature (discount price calculation) one year ago.
    Pay attention!
    The discount has a type (per product/category/manufacturer). Nopcommerce has to calculate it.

    2 months ago

    Could you send me the link for Google documentation?
    I added these parameters one or more tears ago, because Google wanted to see them.
    Maybe Google changed something.

    3 months ago

    The plugin for old nop versions (4.30 and older) uses Square TransactionsApi from the Square kernel library.
    The new Square kernel library uses PaymentsAPI.

    4 months ago

    Nop 4.20 use the old .NET version. The Square kernel library uses the new one.
    I need to recompile this Square kernel library. It's not easy.

    4 months ago

    We released the new plugin Square Web Payments.

    4 months ago

    We plan to upgrade it.

    6 months ago

    If the customer created the PAID order then the plugin registered him.

    6 months ago

    No, it doesn't. The plugin checks the stock quantity and moves out of stock products to the bottom of the list.

    6 months ago

    Anti bot plugin saves information about each blocked customer.
    You could see it in the nopcommerce log.

    6 months ago

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