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    I added it. Download the last release and try it.

    10 hours ago

    Thank you.
    You are right. I have fixed this issue. Download the new release.

    6 days ago

    1. Each special offer has own link. See picture.
    2. You added 5 products in this special offer
    3. Customer has to open this special offer link and press the button "Add to Cart".
    4. Customer will see 5 products in his cart with special price.
    5. Customer adds to shopping cart new other product and he will see the  special price for first 5 products
    6. Customer changed the count of first products from 5 to 3 and he will see the  special price doesn't work. Customer has to have 5 products in the shopping cart.

    If you have any question write me and I'll try help you.
    If you have new ideas write me too.

    7 days ago

    I have fixed this bug.
    Thank you.

    Version 2.06 - January 13, 2020 (from nop 4.00)

    - fixed bug with multilanguages

    8 days ago

    I created the credentials and they didn't worked. Old credentials worked.Take me some time please.

    8 days ago

    Download the new release 1.16.

    Replace all files from the new ZIP file and restart your store.
    Try and write me about result.

    14 days ago

    Don't uninstall plugin.
    Download the new release and upload it using FTP or nop admin mode.
    Restart your store.
    Plugin will have the same settings.

    I advice you to enable 'Don't pass order items to PayPal' on plugin configure page. It will solve your problem.

    15 days ago

    If you plan to use GTM for Enhanced Eccommerce than you needn't use plain GTM for GA.

    Use only this plugin

    This plugin has several other tracking code
    You can use it but you needn't enabled GTM for GA in it.

    15 days ago

    Here you can discuss plug-in operation.

    18 days ago

    Here you can order a new plug-in functionality.

    18 days ago

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