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    It's easy.
    Open the file in plugin folder WidgetZones.xml
    and remove this line

    Or another way to use CSS style

    .fns-stickers-big-list {

    .fns-stickers-big-list {

    2 days ago

    Check if you use http or https in URL of store.

    2 days ago

    > 1. We are assuming that each picture can have a link (URL) to be set up when you click it.  Is there an option to define, for each picture separately, if the link will open in the same window or in a new (blank) window/tab?
    In the same window.
    You change the logic in the file PublicInfo.cshtml
    But plugin doesn't have such parameter.
    I think  if you need I can add it...

    > Disabled people should be able to stop the slider from running, on both desktop and mobile.  Do you support this?
    Can you explain me the problem or give me example?
    I didn't add such feature.

    > 3. Is there an option to design the navigation buttons on our own? such as small circles under the slider?
    You can change the style of slider.
    Plugin has CSS styles

    You can try plugin free. Download and try.

    7 days ago

    I think that you didn't copy all (SQL files) before and plugin couldn't upgrade itself.

    Can you backup live site and restore database to staging site?

    1. Restore database.
    2. Copy ALL files from new ZIP file and restart your IIS application pool.

    Write me about result.
    I wait.

    7 days ago

    Replace all files from new zip file and restart your IIS aplucation pool.
    Do it and write me about result.

    8 days ago

    Download new release

    and try.
    I couldn't check this feature because I don't have active Amazon account now.
    If you can't upload the feed file than open plugin configure page and enable debugging.
    Try to upload it again.
    Send me plugin log file to my email

    13 days ago

    > as I understand, the plugin looks at the Shipping method and checks for the string 'UPS' or 'USPS' or 'DHL' or 'FedEx'
    If you enabled "Check Shipping Method from the order" than plugin will check Shipping method value.
    If you disabled this parameter than plugin will try to check tracking number for all shipping carrier.

    13 days ago

    I'll do it. It's a good idea.
    Thank you.

    I did new release

    Version 1.12 - January 03, 2019 (all nop versions)

    + added feature for USPS and UPS - removing spacebar from tracking number (plugin can check such tracking number 9999 9999 99999 ... too).

    14 days ago

    Plugin has JS file googleeehelper.js.

    If your theme has original nopcommerce css styles than plugin can replace events.

    Plugin tries to find all 'Add To Cart' buttons using this JS code.

            $('.add-to-cart-button, .product-box-add-to-cart-button').each(function () {
                var productid = GoogleEEHelper._getProductId(this);
                if (productid > 0) {
                    $(this).click({ productid: productid }, function (event) {

    14 days ago

    Yes and no.
    Plugin sends customer's address to and if this address is not valid then doesn't create the label. uses internal customer's address validation.

    14 days ago