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    It's good.

    Customer did a payment and Stripe sent a webhook at once, but customer didn't do nop order (didn't press the button 'Confirm order').
    Plugin sends 'error' to webhook. After Stripe will send new webhook after 3-5 minutes.
    Customer pressed 'confirm order'.
    Stripe sends webhook again. Plugin changes the payment status order.

    3 hours ago

    Here you can order a new plug-in functionality.

    6 days ago

    How to install and configure the module in the online store.

    or read our documentation link

    6 days ago

    Here you can discuss plug-in operation.

    6 days ago

    Topic for reporting any problems and bugs.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: There is a known issues with installing new plugins in nopCommerce.
    Please read this post for more information.

    6 days ago

    It's good.
    Please write a review about our support

    Thank you.

    One of my customer had a problem with recurring payments. We wasted two weeks and PayPal support suggested us to recreate PayPal application.

    11 days ago

    PayPal support answered that you need to check credentials for live PayPal application.

    See this topic

    You need to approve application.

    Note: (US and Canada) If you need help setting up your account or environment, reach out to our Sales team. They can help you with the account set up and approval process and connecting with a PayPal integration engineer. Call 855-787-1007.

    If you approved application, can you try to create the new one?
    Remove application and create the new PayPal application again.
    Please do it and write me about result.

    12 days ago

    PayPal support answered to clear the browser's cache (Ctrl+F5) and try again.
    Please try it and write me about result.

    15 days ago

    I saw the same issue on PayPal support site.

    I'll investigate it and write you.

    17 days ago

    About 404 error.
    It's very strange. This url is correct.

    Zip your theme folder snd send me it to email
    I wand to check the widget zone name in one page checkout page.

    17 days ago

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