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    You need to install the plugin from nopcommerce admin mode.
    Plugin install it
    Or give me access to nop admin mode and I'll do it myself.

    15 days ago

    Topic for reporting any problems and bugs.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: There is a known issues with installing new plugins in nopCommerce.
    Please read this post for more information.

    one month ago

    Here you can order a new plug-in functionality.

    one month ago

    How to install and configure the module in the online store.

    or read our documentation link

    one month ago

    Here you can discuss plug-in operation.

    one month ago

    I don't know.
    Uninstall the plugin and download the last release again.
    Install the new release and write to me about the result.

    one month ago

    I did the new release. Try it

    one month ago

    I'll do the new release next several days.

    one month ago

    1. Upgrade the plugin with the last release
    2. Restart nopcommerce and try it again.

    Write to me about the result

    one month ago

    1. Check the pagination for list of plugin. Maybe you have 2 pages.
    2. Open the file plugins.json
    and check the sections

      "PluginNamesToUninstall": [],
      "PluginNamesToDelete": [],
      "PluginNamesToInstall": []

    Leave these sections empty.

    one month ago

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