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    Fixed in the release 1.03.

    4 days ago

    I was a bug.
    I have fixed it in the release 1.19.
    Thank you.

    6 days ago

    This topic is for one customer.

    Фумігати - Джин

    7 days ago

    I don't know.

    I hope I solved this problem.
    You use the restriction "OrderTotal". Old release  of the plugin doesn't know what nop order we need to take.
    This new release will take the order with the biggest amount.

    1. Upgrade plugin
    Replace all files from the new ZIP file and restart nopcommerce. Plugin will upgrade itself itself.

    2. Plugin uses the nopcommerce task manager.
    Maybe you use sandbox and store's URL is not leave. Nopcommerce runs tasks itself.
    Check the list of stores in nop admin mode. Do you use the correct store URL?

    12 days ago

    1. What nopcommerce version do you use?
    2. What campaign do you use? Can you make print screen and add pictures in this topic?
    3. Open plugin configure page and enable debugging.
    4. Try to send email and send me plugin log file.

    13 days ago

    update Setting
    set Value='False'
    where Name = 'ipfiltersettings.enabled'

    This SQL code will disable plugin.
    You will be able to enable it on plugin configure page.

    13 days ago
    New idea

    It's a good idea.
    I'll add in the new release 1.18

    18 days ago

    Open the store list in the nopcommerce admin mode.
    Check your store URL.
    It has to have  a forward slash '/'  at this end of the string.

    Please check it and write me about result.

    one month ago

    - Stripe Hosted Checkout
    Ask Stripe support if Stripe can add this payment method on stripe hosted checkout

    - Stripe Direct Payment
    Sofort  payment method has other logic than credit cart.
    I did it but I can't publish this payment method. I don't have free time now.
    Check my site after 2-3 weeks.

    one month ago

    Check the name of model for product details page and check the names of the action and the controller.

    one month ago

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