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    1. Try the fresh nopcommerce
    2. Change your nopcommerce kernel, remove this new parameter from the old method and add the new method GetAllCustomer2 if you need to have this parameter

    1 week ago

    >as per my experience , if you did override this service in your plugin then only we can face this issue

    You are not right. I didn't override this service in the plugin. I try to call this method. But .NET Framework found that .net assembly has the different description.
    I don't want to argue with you.

    1 week ago

    >so that is the reason that not working?
    You changed the native public method. My plugin tries to run it but .NET can't find it.
    You need to find the another solution (without changing the public methods).
    I can do the custom release for your changed nopcommerce kernel libraries.
    I advice you to find the another solution.

    1 week ago

    >did you guys had override this service?

    No, you changed it. I shared the native code from nopcommerce.
    You can download the source code from official site and compare them.

    1 week ago

    Check it again.
    You didn't do it.

    This is a method from nop 3.90

            IPagedList<Customer> GetAllCustomers(DateTime? createdFromUtc = null,
                DateTime? createdToUtc = null, int affiliateId = 0, int vendorId = 0,
                int[] customerRoleIds = null, string email = null, string username = null,
                string firstName = null, string lastName = null,
                int dayOfBirth = 0, int monthOfBirth = 0,
                string company = null, string phone = null, string zipPostalCode = null,
                string ipAddress = null, bool loadOnlyWithShoppingCart = false, ShoppingCartType? sct = null,
                int pageIndex = 0, int pageSize = int.MaxValue);

    1 week ago

    You changed nopcommerce kernel libraries.
    Check the class CustomerService, method GetAllCustomers.
    Check the list of parameters.

    1 week ago

    Did you change the nopcommerce kernel libraries?

    1 week ago

    You can do using the native nopcommerce import

    2 weeks ago

    Remove the file Magick.NET-Q8-AnyCPU.dll from the one of the folder . It will solve your issue.
    Nopcommerce copies the first file Magick.NET-Q8-AnyCPU.dll to the folder Plugins/Bin
    and Nopcommerce copies the second file Magick.NET-Q8-AnyCPU.dll to the folder Plugins/Bin at once.
    Maybe your OS has an antivirus and checks it (OS locked).

    4 weeks ago

    Nopcommerce tried to copy the same file from different folders. This  file is large.

    4 weeks ago

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