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    What nopcommerce version do you use?

    This error message means that can't generate the shipping label because you didn't configure ZIP code of your nop store.
    Did you configure the shipping address of your store?

    5 days ago

    What nopcommerce version do you use?
    Do you use live or sanbox?

    I didn't see such error message before.
    I know that Square wants to see https on your site.
    Maybe it's a reason.
    Answer me and I'll think again.

    I found one answer from Square but I don't know if this solution helps you.
    To resolve this issue you simply have to ensure that the Square profile and the website business address are the same. It's a new Square requirement that is catching people by surprise due to their lack of letting people know about that.

    5 days ago

    It was a bug.
    I have fixed it in the release 1.19.
    Thank you for report.

    6 days ago

    I did new release 1.18.
    Try it.

    11 days ago

    I did new release with your two first requests.

    12 days ago

    Do you have the native nopcommerce kernel library?

    12 days ago

    Thank you for this ideas.
    I'll add them in existing plugins.

    12 days ago

    Can you check the memory size at your server?

    Enable STDOUT log for nopcommerce and try to install plugin.
    Send me stdout log file to my email

    12 days ago

    I have fixed this bug.
    Replace plugin folder (DLL file and check it)

    Thank you for report about it.

    14 days ago

    Check if this "bad shirts" are in another categories with value "Export -NO".
    and if you use any filters/conditions.

    15 days ago