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Special Price Offers

Special Price Offers


Individual prices. This is not a discount.

Individual prices. This is not a discount.

With this plugin you can create a special price offer prices without changing the price of items and without using complex systems of discounts.

How does it work?

Each special offer has a unique Internet address. In the special offer you can specify the price and quantity of items (you can create a set of items). A buyer sees special prices by going to the link to special offer. At special offers page, he will see the price and discount that he will have (you can specify minimum number of items to get this special price).

Attention. If the buyer looks at the product in the catalog, he will see the regular price (without discount). He will see special price only on special offer page.

If the prices are suitable for the buyer, on special offer page he clicks “Add to Shopping Cart”. In the shopping cart, the buyer will see items with special price (discount) and the amount of discount.

Attention. If you add items from the catalog, the buyer will see the same items in the shopping cart with the regular price (without discount).


1. You can specify the quantity of items after which special price will be valid.

For example:
As a special offer you specified that in case of purchase of 3 iPhones, their special price will be $599. Plugin monitors the number of iPhones in the shopping cart. If it is 3 or more, special price will be valid, if it is less, the regular price will be valid.

2. You can create a special offer consisting of several items.

For example:
You can offer to buy 3 iPhones at $599 and 2 iPads at $899. If a buyer wants to change the number in the shopping cart (e.g. to buy 2 iPhones), total price of the order (for iPhone and iPad) will be recalculated according to the standard pricing policy of the store.

3. Each special offer has a unique address.

For example:

4. Special offer does not depend on whether the client is registered or not. He can be seen by all the buyers who know his address.

5. You can specify a number of times you can use this special offer.

6. You can specify a time period when this special offer is valid.

7. You can send a special offer by e-mail to a user.

8. Website administrator can see how many times and who bought the item using this special offer (orders).

9. It works even if the discounts at the website are disabled.

Unregistered version is fully functional.
DEMO inscription in the text of the buyer’s e-mail. You can only create 5 special offers.

Compatible with NopCommerce 4.70, 4.60, 4.50, 4.40, 4.30, 4.20, 4.10.

How to install and configure the plug-in.


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