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Sticker Manager

Sticker Manager


Plug-in adds stickers, ribbons, framing, etc., allows to carry out different types of actions.

Plugin allows you to create different types of actions with the product, change the appearance of goods, for example, add stickers, ribbons, framing, countdown counters, etc., and allows to specify the time of the action.

For example, you can add “stickers” to photos of the product: new, stock, bestseller, discount and set the time code to display them near the product.

Plugin works very fast. You can try it without purchese.

You create a group for which you specify action start time and end time, picture or css-class  (for more complex and intricate actions).
You enter a product that will be taking part in the action.

Key features:

1. You can plan the time of your actions.
2. Products may take part in several actions at once. For example, one product can have sticker stock, new, discount, and bestseller at the same time.
3. Actions can overlap in time. There may be several similar actions with different time intervals.
3. You can customize the appearance of your actions using css or editing JavaScript.
4. You can connect actions to SevenSpikes.JCarousel plug-in. See the example. You will have a beautiful carousel with products that are currently taking part in the action.
5. You can open all the goods of the action as a single virtual category. Example: a user can view all products that are taking part in the action New.
6. Multi-store support. Actions can be customized for each store, or one for all.
7. Support stickers for product variants in the grouped products

Compatible for NopCommerce 4.60, 4.50, 4.40, 4.30, 4.20, 4.10

How to Install and Configure plugin.



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