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Table Rate Shipping

Table Rate Shipping


Create new shipping method options with fees using rules

Create new custom shipping method options and fees using rules (customer's address, customer role, date of purchase,
order amount, order subtotal and weight, date and time, coupon codes and discounts , checkout attributes and product specifications, etc).


1. FreeShipping customers from the USA and state NY if customer has order with amount 100$ or more.
2. Fixed fees for customers from the USA and order amount 100$ or more

Restrictions based on country, state province, range of zippostal codes.
Restrictions based on stores
Restrictions based on customer roles
Restrictions based on date of the order (day of week and time of day, etc.)
Restrictions based on customer's address (shipping and billing address)
Restrictions based on checkout attributes
Restrictions based on products and product attributes
Restrictions based on shipment methods (shipment providers and shipment method names)
Restrictions based on order amounts (totals and subtotals, weight, dimensions)
Restrictions based on product specifications (products from the cart)
Restrictions based on product manufacturers (products from the cart)
Restrictions based on product categories (products from the cart)
Restrictions based on product vendors (products from the cart)
Restrictions based on coupon codes (use or not use coupon codes)
Restrictions based on discounts (use or not use discount (Assigned to order subtotal))
Configure shipment fee (fixed or percent or order amount) and set the minimum and maximum of new fee
Group of restrictions
Action for the next step  if the rule is validated

Not registered version is fully operational. It has only one limitation. 30 days trial period. Try before purchase.

Compatible with NopCommerce 4.60, 4.50, 4.40, 4.30, 4.20, 4.10.

How to install and configure the plug-in.

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