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Square Direct Payment

Square Direct Payment


Payment plugin for Square Payment Form (Credit Card, Android Pay, Apple Pay) (3D Secure 2, PSD2 and SCA)

Support Square Connect V2 API!!! (nop 4.10 and never)

Payment plugin for Square with support 3D Secure 2, PSD2 and SCA.

Square Payment Form
What It Does

Square Payment Form provides a secure, PCI-compliant, customizable payment experience for accepting debit, credit, or digital wallet payment cards as the first part of a web payment solution.

Square Payment Form is a client-side, Javascript library (SqPaymentForm) that renders the card inputs and digital wallet buttons that make up the payment form and returns a secure payment token. Use the secure payment token (nonce) with a server component built on the Connect v2 Transaction API to charge payment sources and provide a complete web payment solution.

Support Authorize and Authorize-Capture mode.

We have two plugins for SquareSquare Hosted Checkout and Square Payment Form.


This payment method doesn't support Recurring Payments.

Not registered version is fully operational. It has only one limitation. You can do 100 payments in unregistered mode. You can try it free.

Compatible with NopCommerce 4.50, 4.40, 4.30, 4.20, 4.10.

How to install and configure the plug-in.

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