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    I am using 3.6 version of Smart Campaign plugin in my website.

    All the campaigns are created properly. Mails are also working fine. Products are getting added.

    But 3 problems that I am facing are:

    1) None of the tokens are working in the body of campaign i.e. %SmartCampaignOrder.WriteReview(s)% is display as %SmartCampaignOrder.WriteReview(s)% even after sending the mail.

    2) What will be the value of these tokens and clarify from where the value of these tokens are fetched:

    --> I couldn't find the way as to how emails will be automatically sent to customers after they have made a purchase ?

    --> There is an option for product mapping after campaign is created but the products that we map in plugin is selected by admin. So, how come this campaign get to know  which customer has ordered which product and send a review mail for same product ?

    --> How will it map review for that particular product since this plugin doesn't know which customer has ordered which product ?

    Now if we have to configure the campaign to send review mail for all individual orders, then this plugin is of no use. It will be a waste of time downloading and configuring it for each order that we get.

    Waiting for the reply soon.


    3 years ago

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