Speed Slider

Add any number of sliders with images and YouTube videos on any pages using difficult conditions.

Using this plugin to can add sliders with images and YouTube videos on any page of store using difficult conditions.

1. Support images, videos (autoplay).
2. Support start and end date and time of advertisement.
3. Support mutistore (display slider for selected store).
4. ACL support (display slider for selected customer's roles, ex. only for registered customer or only for Guests).
5. Add sliders only selected products (for each product from the list).
6. Add sliders only selected categories (for each category, product from this category from the list of categories).
7. Add sliders only selected manufacturers (for each manufacturer, product from this manufacturer from the list of manufacturers).
8. Support several modes of sliders (Responsive, fixed sliders, popup on homepage and popup for any pages of store).
9. Support effect of transformation (horizontal, vertical, fade)
10. Support "Hide slider for mobile device".
11. Support several sliders in one widgetzone (example, one big slider and two small sliders at the left of the big slider).

Not registered version is fully operational. It has only one limitation. Trial period 30 days. Try before buying.

Compatible with NopCommerce 4.00.

How to install and configure the plug-in.