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Import Manager 2.0

Import Manager 2.0


Create and update properties of products, categories, manufactures, create pictures, localized values, etc. using external CSV, XLSX, TXT files.

Import Manager allows to create and update all properties of  products, categories, manufactures, create and update localized values of properties, insert pictures, etc.


Support updating all exiting properties of products, categories, manufacturers
Support updating pictures of products, categories, manufacturers
Support updating localized values of products, categories, manufacturers
Support updating tier prices

Support updating product specification options  (ex. Color and Size)
Support updating product attribute values
Support updating product attribute combinations
Support unlimited number of templates
Support custom import templates (you can configure them easy)
Support CSV, TXT, XLSX
Support ZIP files
Support different sources for import files (folder, URL, FTP, SFTP)
Report about result of import
Support backup of import files


Create new products and add them in several existing categories
Import pictures for products and replace old ones
Import tier prices and update old ones
Import localized values (names of products, names of categories, etc.)

Not registered version has only one limitation – 50 product will be updated and trial period 15 days.

Compatible with NopCommerce 4.20, 4.10, 4.00, 3.90.

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