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Google Enhanced Ecommerce (UA)

Plugin adds tracking code for Enhanced Ecommerce using dataLayer (Google Tag Manager).

Plugin helps you to use Enhanced Ecommerce using dataLayer (Google Tag Manager).

Key Features.
Supports main ecommerce activities:

Product Impressions
Product Clicks
Product Detail Impressions
Add / Remove from Cart
Add to Wishlist
Add to Compare
 1 - Review Cart
 2 - Billing Address
 3 - Shipping address
 4 - Shipping Method
 5 - Payment Method
 6 - Payment information
 7 - Confirm order

The unregistered version has 15 days trial period. Try it before purchase.

Compatible for NopCommerce 4.10, 4.00, 3.90, 3.80.

How to install and configure the plug-in.