Tuesday, March 26, 2019 9:22:50 PM

Unpossibility to get ProductImpressions and Addtocart Datalayers

2 months ago
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Currently I have this plugin installed in my localhost and I´ve been playing with the demo version and everything works flawlessly, but it is impossible for me to get the datalayers from Product Impressions and the action from the user of add to cart. I have a personalized theme for my web and it might be related with the problem, but I tried enabling the default one and it is not working neither.

2 months ago
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I´ve been tryng to make it work but so far I have not being able to do it.

Do anyobdy know how to proceed to solve this problem?

I am very interested into this plugin because the rest of the data is being received smoothly.

2 months ago
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Plugin has JS file googleeehelper.js.

If your theme has original nopcommerce css styles than plugin can replace events.

Plugin tries to find all 'Add To Cart' buttons using this JS code.

        $('.add-to-cart-button, .product-box-add-to-cart-button').each(function () {
            var productid = GoogleEEHelper._getProductId(this);
            if (productid > 0) {
                $(this).click({ productid: productid }, function (event) {
                    GoogleEEHelper.AddToCart('addToCart', event.data.productid);