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4 months ago
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Topic for reporting any problems and bugs.

IMPORTANT NOTE: There is a known issues with installing new plugins in nopCommerce.
Please read this post for more information.
3 months ago
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I use the plugin "Feed Manager" for google shopping and stylight and all is ok, but with Amazon i find a problem, I don't find how i can upload the xml file, on amazon there is 2 types of files txt / xsl, I need to add my product dynamically on Amazon, can you help me please?
3 months ago
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You can't upload XML feed in automatic mode.
Amazon don't allow to do it easy.
Amazon has internal API for it.
Check my site next week maybe I'll add this feature..
Several customers asked me to do it.

3 months ago
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yes please, do it. we need this feature urgently.
3 months ago
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please the new feature for Amazon is available or not yet ? can you explain me how it will be work using MWS: I will need only to add MWS Authorisation Token and products will be visible on Amazon without using API calls?
3 months ago
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You need to add many Amazon settings.
Install our plugin Amazon Connector and see them.

I see that I need to add the same Amazon kernel library to plugin too.
I didn't finish my work yet.
3 months ago
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is the new feature for Amazon available?
I check your site and I didn't see it. please it's urgent when I can find it in order download new version? thank you.
3 months ago
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I wanted to use Amazon MWS,
but you can have another plugin for Amazon
and you will have problem.
I try to do it without external library.

Did you try Amazon AMTU utility?
Read this topic.

3 months ago
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I did new release

Version 1.63  - Decemeber 19, 2018

+ added new feature "upload feed to Amazon in automatic mode" (we need testers)

But I need testers.
2 months ago
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please did you test the new feature "upload feed to Amazon in automatic mode" ?how can I download it?

2 months ago
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Download new release

and try.
I couldn't check this feature because I don't have active Amazon account now.
If you can't upload the feed file than open plugin configure page and enable debugging.
Try to upload it again.
Send me plugin log file to my email support@foxnetsoft.com

2 months ago
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I try to configure the new release but I get a server error ? can you check please?

Server Error in '/' Application.
Compilation Error
Description: An error occurred during the compilation of a resource required to service this request. Please review the following specific error details and modify your source code appropriately.

Compiler Error Message: CS1061: 'FoxNetSoft.Plugin.Feed.Manager.Models.FeedManagerSettingsModel' does not contain a definition for 'UseCDNForPictureUrls' and no extension method 'UseCDNForPictureUrls' accepting a first argument of type 'FoxNetSoft.Plugin.Feed.Manager.Models.FeedManagerSettingsModel' could be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)

Source Error:

Line 26:             $("#@Html.FieldIdFor(model => model.showDebugInfo)").click(toggleshowDebugInfo);
Line 27:             $("#@Html.FieldIdFor(model => model.UseExternalPictureService)").click(toggleUseExternalPictureService);
Line 28:             $("#@Html.FieldIdFor(model => model.UseCDNForPictureUrls)").click(toggleUseCDNForPictureUrls);
Line 29:
Line 30:             toggleUseExternalPictureService();

Source File: d:\websites\futurebivolinocom\www\Plugins\FoxNetSoft.FeedManager\Views\FeedManagerSettings\Configure.cshtml    Line: 28

Show Detailed Compiler Output:

Show Complete Compilation Source:

Version Information: Microsoft .NET Framework Version:4.0.30319; ASP.NET Version:4.7.3282.0

2 months ago
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Replace all files from new zip file and restart your IIS aplucation pool.
Do it and write me about result.
2 months ago
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I replace the files from new zip files but when I click feeds it shows error and Nothing is appear!
for your information I use a staging website to test ,I didn't work directly with registred version of the plugin which I use it for bivolino but I test with not registred version in another website test.
2 months ago
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I think that you didn't copy all (SQL files) before and plugin couldn't upgrade itself.

Can you backup live site and restore database to staging site?

1. Restore database.
2. Copy ALL files from new ZIP file and restart your IIS application pool.

Write me about result.
I wait.
2 months ago
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Sorry for the dalay.
please I still have the same error? can we arrange a meeting by teamviewer Monday and you try it for me?
thank you.

2 months ago
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Write me to email.
Maybe you have sandbox?
It'll help us better.

one month ago
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when we will have a meeting by TeamViewer because I haven't sandbox.
when you are ready email me so I will send you my Id and password.
one month ago
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Write me tomorrow.
I was busy today. I am sorry.
15 days ago
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we use the  feed manager plugin and all shirts are puted exported= inherited but some shirts doesn't appear in the product feed xml file, when I check them in the feed manager , they are exported=inherited
please why these shirts don't exist in the xml file?what can be the cause ?