Tuesday, March 26, 2019 8:54:27 PM

Add Payment Account Number and Dutiable flag

5 months ago
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Payment Account Number is missing, this is used to make sure the returned rates are specific to your DHL account.

IsDutiable would be a great feature, depends how much work you think it'll be as im not sure what else you would need to add, i think total cost, maybe more?

There's also another carrier option for us when sending from UK to France and other EU countries.
                    <ProductShortName>ECONOMY SELECT</ProductShortName>
                    <LocalProductName>ECONOMY SELECT EU</LocalProductName>
                    <ProductDesc>ECONOMY SELECT EU</ProductDesc>
                    <GlobalServiceName>FUEL SURCHARGE</GlobalServiceName>
                    <LocalServiceTypeName>FUEL SURCHARGE</LocalServiceTypeName>

5 months ago
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Version 1.03 - October 21, 2018

+ added new feature "Payment Account Number and Dutiable flag" link
+ added new carrier option 'ECONOMY SELECT'

Thank you this idea.