Friday, March 22, 2019 10:57:53 PM

language pack?

5 months ago
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is there a German language pack für your PayPal Plus plugin for nopcomerce 4.0?
5 months ago
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Customer mode.
Plugin checks the customer's language (site language) and send to PayPal.
If you need to send only German to PayPal you can change the file PaymentInfo.cshtml.

        var ppp = PAYPAL.apps.PPP({
            "approvalUrl": "@Html.Raw(Model.ApprovalUrl)",
            "placeholder": "ppplus",
            "mode": "@Model.Mode",
//            "language": "de_DE",
//            "country": "DE",
            "language": "@Model.Language",
            "country": "@Model.Country",
            showLoadingIndicator: true,
            onLoad: function() {
                $('#ppplus iframe').width('100%');

If you need to change the language in admin mode and warning messages than you can change the file Resources.en-us.xml with resources.

One of our customer was from German and he did language translating to German.

You can connect to him.