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Rental product?

6 months ago
#8443 Quote
Im looking into the Request for quote for a potential customer I have. What they would like to have is like this, but in the Normal NopCommerce, change the Call for price, to email for price and availability. Similar to what this does, however, need to add fields to the for of the To - and From date, as they are rentals. Similar to Add to wishList fields. Now can I do this, and modify to show the client, and we will definately purchase it if it works correctly for their needs

Thank You
6 months ago
#8444 Quote
You can't add any custom attributes in plugin Request For Quote (simple PopUp form)
If you need to add custom attribute you need to use plugin Customer's requests 2.0 (history, extra features)

About Rental Products
I'll add 'From and 'To' in plugin Request For Quote (simple PopUp form)
Thank you for idea.
6 months ago
#8445 Quote
Version 1.14 - September 26, 2018

+ added support Rental products (nop 3.80 and never).