Tuesday, March 26, 2019 8:55:02 PM

Feature Requests

one year ago
#8020 Quote
Here you can order a new plug-in functionality.
9 months ago
#8210 Quote
Can we add a comment/notes column on the list of URLs?

9 months ago
#8211 Quote
Plugin has such feature 'Comment', but I checked the performance and decided to remove it.
One of my customer had many URLs...
Do you really need it?
9 months ago
#8253 Quote
If performance is an issue, then we can drop it.

The comment was more for note-taking.  An admin creating a redirect would like to remember the reason why they did created it.
9 months ago
#8254 Quote
I'll add your request...
I found the solution...
9 months ago
#8255 Quote
Try new release 1.05.

How to upgrade?
Download new release.
Replace ALL files from new ZIP file and restart your site.
Plugin will upgrade itself.
Plugin has SQL files and adds new Column in the table.

Try and write me about result.

About performance.
Plugin doesn't use Comment for middleware/routeattribute.
Plugin will have the same performance.

9 months ago
#8259 Quote
The comment works great.  Tested the IMPORT/EXPORT as well - they work.
6 months ago
#8420 Quote
Two nice and simple features would be:

1: Redirection to external URL e.g. "/some-page"  ->  "https://somesite.com"
It basically just have to check if target starts with "https://" or "http://".

2: Simple wildcard support
E.g. "/some-page/*" would redirect all pages below "/some-page".
If you use SQL to find the matches you could use LIKE with % wildcard, but you have to be aware of SQL injections though.

These features would make this great plugin close to perfect! :)
6 months ago
#8421 Quote
>1: Redirection to external URL e.g. "/some-page"  ->  "https://somesite.com"
What do you mean?

2. Thank you for idea with pattern '*'
6 months ago
#8422 Quote
>1: If I have a page which needs to redirect to some external site. Could be if I had a page called "/about-us" but i want this page to go to a different website which is not a webshop. I would then redirect that page to "https://another-website.com/about-us".
I basically just need to be able to type in the full URL in the "Target Url" field, e.g. "https://another-website.com/about-us".
6 months ago
#8424 Quote
Version 1.09 - September 15, 2018

+ performance optimization. Very important fix (plugin uses stored procedure for getting Redirected Url)
+ you can redirect to external Url (https or http) link
+ you can use mask '*' at the end of the Request Url (example. this Url iphone* can catch Iphone5, iphone6, etc. ) link