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Installation and configuration

one year ago
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How to install and configure the module in the online store.

or read our documentation link.
one year ago
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I am having trouble getting this plugin to work on our NOP 4.0 site. We are setup for customer reviews through our merchant center account. I have installed and configured the plugin however;
1. The survey does not show up in the order process
2. The only place the badge is visible is at the far bottom of the page regardless of widget zone selected.
Any suggestion would be appreciated as I have looked through the docs.

one year ago
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Can you send us your store Url? You can send it in private mode if you don't want to shar it.
I want to see if plugin added js code. You can check it itself too.
Create fake order and check js code on order completed page.
Plugin adds survey js code (information about customer's order) one time.
If you refresh this page you will not see it.
Do it and write me.
one year ago
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one year ago
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If you look at the bottom of the home page left side you will see the badge which is setup for widget zones content_before and checkout_completed_bottom

You can add an item to cart and select send check or money order to complete order process.

Thanks, John
one year ago
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You disabled order completed page for nop store. nopcommerce skips this page.
Can you enable it?
"Disable "Order completed" page".
If you can't enable it I can add this JS code on order details page too.
Write me about your decision.
one year ago
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Order completed has been enabled.

Thanks for your help
one year ago
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Everything is working as it should on the order completed page. It's only the location of the badge on the home page that memains an issue. Thanks.
one year ago
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I'll see it tomorrow too, I think that the problem is in CSS style.
But I'll check.
one year ago
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Can you check your store? I saw the error message.
one year ago
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Store is up. We have been suffering through the NOP 4.0 iis recycling issue.
one year ago
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I have fixed this bug or feature.
Google tries to find this line of code on your page
 <g:ratingbadge merchant_id=__MerchantCenterID__></g:ratingbadge>

Plugin didn't add this line of code for INLINE mode.
Now plugin adds it, but you can change it if you need.

Download the new release and try.
Version 1.01 - March 24, 2018

- fixed bug "wrong place of badge for INLINE mode"