Friday, March 22, 2019 10:50:45 PM

Register guests when placing order?

one year ago
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Is there a way to configure your plugin to auto register customer when the customer places an order. Now the order must be "paid" before the plugin registers guest but I want it to register guest when the order is placed since we are using third part plugins so the order just becomes "Authorized".

Is there a way to accomplish this?
one year ago
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I can add such feature (one or two days).

What nop version do you use? 3.90?

one year ago
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Thats great! Im using NopCommerce 3.9!

Thanks again.
one year ago
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Version 1.05 - December 11, 2017

+ added new feature 'Mode of auto register guests' - 'After payment of the order', 'After the order is created', 'Manually'.

Thank you for idea.
one year ago
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Perfect! Thank you for your help.
one year ago
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Thank you too.
I had to add such feature many years ago.... It was a good idea.