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one year ago
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Here you can discuss plug-in operation.
4 months ago
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I would like to restrict the Pay in Store payment method to orders where Store Pickup has been selected.  Is this possible using the "Pick Up in Store" option or would I need to create a new Shipping Method for Store Pickup (which would make customers enter their shipping address)?  Thanks!
4 months ago
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You need to add new shipping method.... But it's a bad idea.
I'll support Pickup in Store from the box as a new rule.
Thank you for this idea.
4 months ago
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Version 1.11 - November 17, 2018

+ added new feature "select shipping provider from the list"
+ added new feature "select product specification option from the list" (please recreate this rule)
+ added new feature "select country and province from the list"
- fixed bug with adding new restrictions