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Feature Requests

3 years ago
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Here you can order a new plug-in functionality.
2 years ago
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The plug in checks delivery status, changes shipping status of order to "delivered", BUT does not trigger the NopCommerce email ShipmentDelivered.CustomerNotification to be sent to the customer.

Can this be updated?
2 years ago
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I'll add support this method tomorrow and write you. Thank you.
2 years ago
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Version 1.05 - December 13th, 2016

+ added new parameter 'Notify customer about delivered parcel'.

Download new version and try.
2 years ago
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Amazing, less than a 24 hour turn around time!!

This is why I choose FoxNetSoft plug ins.
Their support is always quick to respond with helpful answers...

But most of the time their plugins works flawlessly. Even on our heavily customized version of NopCommerce!

I would recommend FoxNetSoft plugins to anyone...  

Thanks again,

Bradford Giosa, CTO
Mario Badescu Skin Care
2 years ago
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Thank you.