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3 years ago
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Topic for reporting any problems and bugs.

IMPORTANT NOTE: There is a known issues with installing new plugins in nopCommerce.
Please read this post for more information.
3 years ago
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Fantastic plugin! The bug (as we are discussing via email) is that the plugin passes item totals instead of the item price. Meaning if someone purchases 5 widgets for $10, instead of passing 5 widgets for $10 the plugin passes 5 widgets for $50 which throws off the insurance and customs calculations in Shippingeasy. Same issue with the weight. So basically the plugin should pass the per item price and per item weight to the Shippingeasy product line items. Everything else is perfect.
3 years ago
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I tried to find the problem, but I couldn't find it.
3 years ago
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I think I have found the problem and fixed it.
Download new version 1.01 and try it.
Please write about the result.
3 years ago
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After some quick testing the issue is resolved! Thanks for a great product and quick resolution of the minor issues that came about.