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    URL Redirect manager

    Hi, I just purchased this plugin.  It seems to work great.  I do have a question on setting it up.  I have a former product tag 5035 and want to redirect it. In the 404 error log, it shows:


    How do I enter it so that it redirects correctly.  Should I use the 5035* , 5035%remover1% or 5035%lastpart% ?


    11 months ago

    Hi, I downloaded a trial of your IP filter.  I was testing it out and added a couple of countries like China.  Which seemed to work great.  I then went to the IP address's tab and added an IP address to it.  I thought I was whitelisting an IP address, but apparently, it black listed all other IP addresses.  I could no longer reach the site.  I logged on via FTP and deleted the plugin from the plugin directory and restarted the machine and was now able to get to the site again.  I have tried to reinstall the plugin from a new download and there is some configuration file that is not stored in the plugin's directory, so if I reinstall it,  it automatically loads that file and blacklists everything.  Do you know what I can do to fix it, so I can reinstall it?

    11 months ago

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