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    Same thing happens with a different theme

    (these are dev/testing sites)

    7 months ago

    Yes I have those enabled, but still getting the recaptcha error.
    Seems to point to the plugin somehow, see URL above

    7 months ago

    I already had that check box for form caching disabled.
    A restart of NOPCommerce did not fix the Recaptcha issue.
    If you want to take a look the site is here

    7 months ago

    OK I figured how to get the other links to open the popup. But now I am getting a recaptcha error that does not allow me to submit and test the plugin.
    I can only see the recaptcha error in Console and I do not see the recaptcha on the popup.

    Console shows
    Uncaught Error: reCAPTCHA placeholder element must be an element or id
    NOP version 3.9
    recaptcha ver 2

    7 months ago

    How do I get the plugin to recognize affiliate referrals when they register?
    I thought if I put the affiliate link in it would act like NOP and add them as an affiliate.

    Also, it seems to only be working with the top Registration link on our development site. How do we get the popup to work on other Register links we have throughout the site?

    7 months ago

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