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    I am using your Redirect Manager and having one issue. First let me explain. I am moving from a 5 database setup with Aspdotnetstorefront ecommerce platform with a total of 9 stores. So I am trying to redirect all the old urls from the other stores into 1 database with Nop commerce. I have developed several lists but I am getting an error because it is telling me that it is duplicates. For example see here:


    The first one is assigned to store 1 Medieval Collectibles and the second one is assigned to store 2 Dark Knight Armoury. The importer will not let me import this fields even though they are assigned to a different store. I really need to import these doubles because I will have almost 100,000 entries. I know there is an option to assign to all stores but I only want to do this for store 1 and 2.
    Please help!

    4 years ago

    Can I make another improvement idea on the import manger?

    1. Can we add these fields? Old Price, Product Cost  People would need this if a manufacturer updates their prices and we need to update the site.
    2. Do you think you could do an export manager? For example what if we need to see the price prices of all our products or see what is active and not active.

    4 years ago

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