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    Within the Google feed, id 6, setup screen allows the selection of multiple images.  Would it be possible to put in logic to do the following?

    if picture2 exists -->use picture2
    use picture1

    5 years ago  is example.  Image did not show up in first post.

    5 years ago

    Google does not like text within a product image.  I would like to use Content Manager to show additional text above & below product image when show product list within category.  Example below has text as part of image.  I would like to break it out of image.

    5 years ago

    We are using a plugin for affiliates.  Is there a way to insert a default value in the url string?

    I need to have 'a/cd/' inserted after the .biz/ and before the sku, which we use as part of url.

    •  I’m concerned about the product URLs in the feed right now. I spot checked one and it returned a “Page Not Found” error. I navigated through the site to find the product & noticed the URL was different:
    o  Current value in feed:   
    o  Product Page link on site:

    5 years ago

    The post process action decode_html_entity is grayed out & I cannot change it there.

    Which of these fields from xml config relate to that?
        <ConvertValues />

    5 years ago

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