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    Hi, running NOP 4.20, and ShippingEasy plugin ver 1.28. When a customer choses 2 items and selects the Pickup In Store option, the items are still send to ShippingEasy.
    Am I missing settings something somewhere?

    1 year ago

    Great plugin, this is my second purchase (3.9 and 4.0), have a suggestion for you though as an enhancement.
    When you write the tracking number back, also write the shipment cost back (postage, insurance).
    This makes it much easier to calc P/L for each order.
    Secondly, update the Shipping address.
    A lot of the times the customer doesn't enter it exactly right, and this will help by updating their account.
    Thanks Guys!

    4 years ago

    That was it exactly! I was thinking that the check meant if there was NOT an SKU then send the PN. Then forgot about making the change. Works good now.


    5 years ago

    On the ShippingEasy plugin, version 3.90.

    It is no longer sending the SKU information to ShippingEasy. I contacted them first, then dug through what was being sent to them, they emailed me back saying the SKU was not being sent with this version. Can you please check for me?


    5 years ago

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