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    Hi, it worked! Thank you very much.
    I'm having difficulties with the attribute value localization though.

    I've created a new template "Localized values - Product Attribute Value", and mapped it as follows:

    Sku  Key (Product Key)  
    Attribute  ProductAttribute  (I've tried using both the italian and the english value)
    Value  ProductAttributeValue  
    Lingua  LanguageId

    I've only left out "name" because I guess it refers to the product name

    My XLSX is composed like this:

    Sku  Attribute  Value  Lingua
    FAR001001  Ingredients  <p>EN ingredients for FAR001001</p>  1
    FAR001002  Ingredienti  <p>EN ingredients for FAR001002</p>  1
    FAR001001  Did you know?...  <p>EN did you know for FAR001001</p>  1
    FAR001002  Curiosità  <p>EN did you know for FAR001002</p>  1

    The result is Success but with 0 rows updated. In this template, there no Attribute Option to map. Other localization templates don't allow to localize the attribute value, which is the only thing I need to localize

    Thank you in advance,

    10 months ago

    I'm trying to import a set of Specification attributes for products already in catalog, using the sku as key; these attribute are of the of the custom HTML type, but I don't think I'm setting the attribute type correctly. I've tried using , in the "Attribute type" column, both "Custom HTML text" and "10" (MultilineTextbox, as in here ) but it updates 0 columns.

    Here is my column mapping :
    Column source  Column destination
    sku  Key (Product Key)  
    Type  Attribute type  
    Attribute  SpecificationAttribute  
    Value  Value

    and then in my excel I have something like this for the first try:
    sku  Name  Type  Attribute  Value
    XYZ  FARINA   Custom HTML text  Ingredienti  <p>Lorem ipsum</p>

    and for the second try:
    sku  Name  Type  Attribute  Value
    XYZ  FARINA   10  Ingredienti  <p>Lorem ipsum</p>

    What am I doing wrong? I will also need to import a localized version of the same attributes

    10 months ago

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