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    Review posted

    3 years ago

    Thanks for the quick reply and the fast fix.
    I can confirm our issue is solved now.

    Not only because of the good working plugin but also because of the great service, we will purchase this plugin later this week.

    3 years ago

    Some of our blog posts we have in two languages (Dutch and English). When we go to the product page we see both blog posts.
    How to prevent this?
    Here's an example:
    The 'Art Journal: Joy of life' we have in Dutch and English.

    We also noticed that blogs with a start date in the future are shown on the product page. Can we prevent that as well?

    3 years ago

    Thanks again.

    Using your suggestion I could customize the widget.

    3 years ago

    Found it.

    Thanks for the quick response.

    3 years ago

    We use your great plugin and we like to style the 'Read-more' button (translated as Lees meer) on the 'Blog posts about this product'-list to look more like the 'Read-more'-button used in the blog post list.
    Your button has no background:
    We would like to have it look like, meaning a blue background, with white text.
    This can be done by adding the classes 'btn waves-effect waves-light', but how can I do that?

    3 years ago

    Hi, I'm new to NopCommerce and we've just installed your great 'Automatic Related Products' plug-ins. It is working great. We are seriously considering buying the full version.

    Using some css I managed to get the output to look like we want.
    Here's an example:

    As you can see we have a Dutch-English webshop.
    How to translate your text 'Related products'

    The same with the text 'Blog posts about this product' on the product page:

    3 years ago

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