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How to upgrade my plugins?

How to upgrade my plugins (the same nop version or to new nop version)?

1. backup old plugin's folder.
2. Download the new ZIP file from our site.
3. Replace new plugin folder from this ZIP file on your nop store.
Replace all files (.SQL files from Install folder too!!!)
4. Restart your site. Plugin will upgrade itself (add new tables(columns, stored procedures) if it needs).
5. Open plugin configure page (only open it, maybe we added new plugin settings)

If yo use nop 3.80 and you want to use nop 4.10.
You need to take plugin for nop 4.10 at once.

If plugin uses own cshtml or css files and you changed them in old release of plugin you need to compare with new ones.


If you use custom settings for XMl template you need copy it back.
Example you use anothe mapping, etc.

If you see the message "Expire license" write us, we'll send URL with 50% discount.

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