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Google Pagespeed Tools

Friday, November 18, 2016

Google Pagespeed Tools

This plugin will help you to increase ranking for your pages.
Plugin has several important features:
1. Minify pictures in your store (.JPG and .PNG files).
Plugin minifies all pictures in your store by scheduler. You can set several folders with pictures.
2. Minify CSS style and JS scripts.
Plugin minifies your CSS styles and  JS scripts.
If you have the file named styles.css, plugin will create the new file named styles.min.css with the same date and time stamp.
If you have the file named styles.min.css, plugin will update this file with the same date and time stamp.
3. Minify HTML on fly.
Your customer and Google robot will see HTML minified page. You can select what you want to remove from HTML (comments, etc.)
4. Optimization external links for CSS styles.
You can inline small CSS styles, you can move CSS styles to 'head' or 'footer' sections, you can load external CSS styles asynchronously, you can set critical CSS styles for loading in 'head' section and extra features.
5. Optimization external JS scripts.
You can inline small JS scripts, you can move JS scripts to 'head' or 'footer' sections and extra features.

How to install and configure the plug-in.

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