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Installation and configuring plug-in Stripe Digital Wallets

1. Configuring the plugin configure page
2. Configuring Google Pay
3. Configuring Apple Pay

1. Configuring the plugin configure page

Create Stripe API keys, copy them on the plugin configure page. If you use the other our plugin for Stripe you can leave the webhook ID empty. You can use one Webhook for all my plugins. You can set the description of the each payment and the customer will see in the his bank account. Configure the style of the button.

2. Configuring Google Pay:

1. Add the credit/debit card in your Google Account
2. Add HTTPS for your store
3. Use Chrome (Web and Mobile) with attached Google Account with the credit/debit card

3. Configuring Apple Pay:

1. Apple Pay works only on iOS apps (Safary with attached credit/debit card)
2. Add HTTPS for your store
3. Enable Apple Pay in the Stripe dashboard

4. Verifying your store for Apple Pay using .well-known file. You can use this plugin .well-known domain validation for verification

Open the shopping cart page and check the Google Pay/Apple Pay. If the browser doesn't support Pay/Apple Pay you will not see anything.

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