Installation and configuring plug-in NopSimpleCheckout

Step 1.

Installing the plug-in Copy the plug-in into the folder with plug-ins. In admin menu select “Configuration/Plugin”. Click “Reload list of plugins” button.

Step 2

Find the plug-in and next to it click “Install”.

Step 3

Find the plug-in and click “Configure”.

Step 4.

Configure page.

Step 5.

Simple checkout form.

Step 6.


1. How to change css styles?

Open file styles.css in the folder ~/Plugins\FoxNetSoft.SimpleCheckout\Styles

2. How to change cshtml-files?

You can find files in the folder ~/Plugins\FoxNetSoft.SimpleCheckout\Views\SimpleCheckout

3. How to create the new template?

Make copy from the file SimpleCheckout.cshtml. Rename it - whatever you like to be the name of your new template – For an instance, let's say: MySimpleCheckout.cshtml. Open the file Templates.xml. Add new reccord.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
  <Template>MySimpleCheckout</Template> ?>
  <OrderTemplate>MySimpleOrderSummary</OrderTemplate> /p>


You can select own template for each store (for multisore).

Step 7.