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Installation and configuring plug-in 'Out Of Stock Last'

How does plugin work?

If product is 'Out of Stock' plugin changes DisplayOrder value for Category and Manufacturer lists with new value 2147483000. When product arrives at the warehouse plugin returns original value of DisplayOrder parameter for Category and Manufacturer lists.

Key Features

1. Support simple products with 'Track inventory' method (support warehouses too)
2. Support simple products with 'Track inventory by product attributes'
3. Support grouped products (plugin move grouped products to the end of the list if ALL product variants are 'Out Of Stock').
4. Remove 'Out Of Stock' products from homepage and 'Featured products' list.
5. Save original position of product in Category and Manufacturer lists.
6. Save original position of product on HomePage.
7. Move products to the end of the list automatically and rollback to old positions.
8. Rollback grouped products if one of product variant is 'In Stock'.
9. You can put produts after 'Out of Stock' products using DisplayOrder value greater 2147483000.


Plugin doesn't move 'Out of Stock' products to the end of the list for Search page!!!

If you want to have such feature we'll give you TSQL script and you'll run it.


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