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Installation and configuring plug-in Multiple Taxes (Canadian taxes)

Copy the plug-in into the folder with plug-ins and install. Open the list of TAX providers and set this plugin Primary Provider

Enable this parameter "Display all applied tax rates".

Configure taxes for each country/province/tax category

You will see taxes on checkout page

If you want to name each TAX you need to add some of code in the file


and you will see the next look.

I marked the new code

@model OrderTotalsModel
if (Model.DisplayTaxRates && Model.TaxRates.Count >= 2)
Model.TaxRates[0].Rate="GST "+Model.TaxRates[0].Rate;
Model.TaxRates[1].Rate="PST "+Model.TaxRates[1].Rate;
if (Model.TaxRates.Count == 3)
Model.TaxRates[1].Rate="QST "+Model.TaxRates[1].Rate;
<div class="total-info">
    <table class="cart-total">
            <tr class="order-subtotal">
                <td class="cart-total-left">
                <td class="cart-total-right">
                    <span class="value-summary">@Model.SubTotal</span>

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