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Installation and configuring plug-in NopModularProducts

Step 1.

Installing the plug-in Copy the plug-in into the folder with plug-ins. In admin menu select “Configuration/Plugin”. Click “Reload list of plugins” button.

Step 2

Find the plug-in and next to it click “Install”.

Step 3

Find the plug-in and click “Configure”.

Step 4.

Configure page.

Step 5.

Manage Product Template.

Step 6.

Manage Modular Products.

Step 7.

How to change Number of products in the set

Step 8.

How to change description Price set (only for older version. NopCommerce 3.40 and later changes Price set).

Add the code in the files _ProductBox.cshtml

Block 1

@using Nop.Core.Infrastructure;
@using FoxNetSoft.Plugin.Misc.ModularProducts.Services;

Block 2

    //get Price for Modular products per ProductId
    var productPrice = EngineContext.Current.Resolve<IModularProductService>().GetTotalPriceByProductId(Model.Id);
    if (productPrice != null)
        Model.ProductPrice = productPrice;

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