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Installation and configuring plug-in NopArticles

Installing the plug-in.

Configuring plug-in.

Create/Edit/Remove actions.

How you remove articles from Product page.

Support Search in articles.

How to allow article sorting.

How to integrate with SevenSpikes.MegaMenu


Step 1. Installing the plug-in.

Copy the plug-in into the folder with plug-ins. In admin menu select “Configuration/Plugin”. Click “Reload list of plugins” button.

Step 2.

Find the plug-in and next to it click “Install”.

Step 3. Configuring plug-in.

Find the plug-in and click “Configure”.

Step 4.

Create sample data.

Step 5.

Manage group of article.

Step 6.

Manage articles.

Step 7.


Step 8.

The example is shown in the picture.

Step 9.

How you remove articles from Product page?

Open file WidgetZones.xml and remove line <WidgetZone>productdetails_bottom</WidgetZone>

Step 10.

Support Search in articles.

Step 11.

Add Support FullText Search in articles. Enable Full-Text and run Article_FullText_Enable.sql.

Step 12. How to allow article sorting.

Enable Allow article sorting in Configure page.

For older version you must update List.cshtml or copy code to your List.cshtml.

        <div class="article-selectors">        
            @if (Model.PagingFilteringContext.AllowArticleSorting && Model.ArticleReads.Count > 0)
                <div class="article-sorting">
                    @Html.DropDownList("articles-orderby", Model.PagingFilteringContext.AvailableSortOptions, new { onchange = "setLocation(this.value);" })

Step 13.

How to integrate with SevenSpikes.MegaMenu.

Open MegaMenu.cshtml and add this line.

 <li><a href="@Url.RouteUrl("Articles",new { action = "List", articlegroupId = 0})">@T("FoxNetSoft.Plugin.Misc.Articles.LinkButton")</a></li>

Refresh the page.

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