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Installation and configuring plug-in Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

The list of events

Pay attention!

The plugin adds the prefix "ga4_" to the each events. Some of tracking codes for GA4, UA, Adwords have the save event name.
view_item => ga4_view_item
view_item_list => ga4_view_item_list
select_item => ga4_select_item
add_to_wishlist  => ga4_add_to_wishlist
add_to_cart => ga4_add_to_cart
view_cart  => ga4_view_cart
remove_from_cart  => ga4_remove_from_cart
begin_checkout  => ga4_begin_checkout
add_payment_info  => ga4_add_payment_info
add_shipping_info => ga4_add_shipping_info
purchase => ga4_purchase
refund => ga4_refund

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