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Feed Manager

Picture of Feed Manager
Export your products from your store into csv, txt and xml data feeds. 55 templates! Google Shopping, Amazon, Ebay, Facebook, PriceGrabber, Rakuten, Shopzilla, etc.

NopSimpleCheckout V5

Picture of NopSimpleCheckout V5
Simple checkout is a great plugin helping you simplify NopCommerce checkout process and increase sales rate.


Picture of NopWatermark
nopCommerce Plug-in adds a Watermark to a photo (Support Azure Blob storage).


Picture of NopSocialLogin
Allow customers to log in or register with social accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Amazon, Microsoft (Live), PayPal, Mail.ru, Yandex, Vk.com, FoursQuare, Instagram (16 networks))


Picture of nopLandingPage
Plugin adds landing page for products.

NopMSSQLProvider V2 (Performance)

Picture of NopMSSQLProvider V2 (Performance)
Plugin to speed up website performance. Performance Optimization.


Picture of nopAttachProducts
Attach products on blog, news, topic pages for promotions.


Picture of NopArticles
Add articles (news, promotions, tips, reviews, etc) to your website.


Picture of NopIPFilter
Security tool to block unwanted visitors by country, IP address or IP ranges.

ShippingEasy Connector

Picture of ShippingEasy Connector
NopCommerce integrates directly with ShippingEasy, auto-downloading all order details and syncing back tracking numbers and status updates.


Picture of NopPriceImportExport
Import, export, copy, update any prices. Create from existing.

Stamps.com Connector (Printing labels)

Picture of Stamps.com Connector (Printing labels)
NopCommerce integrates directly with Stamps.com. Creating and printing shipping labels and checking delivery confirmation.

ConstantContact.com Connector

Picture of ConstantContact.com Connector
Plugin sends contacts to ConstantContact.com.

Auto Register Guest User

Picture of Auto Register Guest User
Plugin converts guest users into registered customers after payment (old orders too).

Amazon Connector (Import orders, update track numbers, prices and stock quantities)

Picture of Amazon Connector (Import orders, update track numbers, prices and stock quantities)
Plugin imports orders from Amazon into your store and send track numbers, prices and stock quantities back to Amazon.

Checking Delivery Status (USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc.)

Picture of Checking Delivery Status (USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc.)
Plugin checks delivery status for your parcel and automatically changes order status to Delivered (USPS, UPS, FedEx, Canada Post, Australia Post, Royal Mail, DHL, etc).

eBay Connector (Import orders from eBay)

Picture of eBay Connector (Import orders from eBay)
Plugin imports orders from eBay into your store and send track numbers back to eBay.

Warehouse Manager

Picture of Warehouse Manager
Import, export, copy, update Stock Quantity for products.


Picture of NopNegativeFee
Add negative fee using payment or shipment method.

PayPal Express Checkout

Picture of PayPal Express Checkout
Payment plugin for PayPal Express Checkout.

PayPal Plus

Picture of PayPal Plus
Payment plugin for PayPal Plus.

PayPal Standard Pro

Picture of PayPal Standard Pro
Payment plugin for PayPal standard mode. This payment method creates nop order only after approving payment.

Product Referral Rewards

Picture of Product Referral Rewards
Extend your "Email a Friend" system with valuable incentives and watch your product referrals increase dramatically!

Special Price Countdown Timer

Picture of Special Price Countdown Timer
Countdown Timer can help you to run more efficient store promotions. The timer displays the time before the offer will expire and force users to buy immediately.


Picture of SpeedTab
Plugin allows to add Tabs to each product.

Check Order Status

Picture of Check Order Status
Plugin allows customers to check order status without authentication.


Picture of LoginWithEmail
Allow users to login with either Email Address or Username.


Picture of NopOrderDiscount
Another discount. Buy 1 get the 2nd (3nd, etc) x,xx% OFF.

BackOrder (out of stock) notifications

Picture of BackOrder (out of stock) notifications
Finally, there is an effective way to deal with backordered (out of stock) products and partial shipments!

Google Pagespeed Tools

Picture of Google Pagespeed Tools
Increase ranking for your pages.

Review Rewards Program

Picture of Review Rewards Program
Write review and earn rewards points.


Picture of SimpleCollection
Plugin allows the store's owner to collect the products in one collection (one series, virtual group, one set) of one manufacturer.

Social Widget

Picture of Social Widget
Integrates buttons (modules, plugins) of social networks (Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.) in any combination and anywhere on your website.

Tracking Code Manager (Facebook pixel, Google Tag Manager, Google Customer Reviews, etc.)

Picture of Tracking Code Manager (Facebook pixel, Google Tag Manager, Google Customer Reviews, etc.)
Supports Facebook Pixel, Google Tag Manager, transactions tracking, dynamic remarketing, custom conversion pixels.

Phone number mask

Picture of Phone number mask
Plugin adds phone number mask.

NopPopUpLogin V3

Picture of NopPopUpLogin V3
Popup Login is a unique Login extension designed to increase the number of registrations.

Migrate Magento to nopCommerce

Picture of Migrate Magento to nopCommerce
Plugin imports products, pictures, categories from Magento in your nop store.

Request For Quote (simple PopUp form)

Picture of Request For Quote (simple PopUp form)
Request For Quote plugin allows your customers to send any requests (request for quote, match the price, etc.) to the site's owner using simple PopUp form.

Advanced Request For Quote (history, extra features)

Picture of Advanced Request For Quote (history, extra features)
This plugin is advanced version of our plugin Request For Quote with history of requests and new extra features.

Newsletter Subscription (Discount Coupon, etc.)

Picture of Newsletter Subscription (Discount Coupon, etc.)
Newsletter subscription popup window. Support discount, reward points for subscription.


Picture of NopShareYourOrder
Send (Share) your order (after payment) to Facebook wall and receive a discount (a coupon).


Picture of NopShareYourCart
Send (Share) your shopping cart on Facebook wall and get a discount (a coupon).


Picture of NopSocialCoupons
Like, Tweet or G+ to get a Discount (Coupon)

Special Price Offers

Picture of Special Price Offers
Individual prices. This is not a discount.


Picture of NopSmartCampaigns
Plugin for promotional e-mailings to users, reminders (you can set conditions for selection of message recipients). Example. Abandoned shopping carts, automatic e-mails after purchase and more.

Content manager

Picture of Content manager
You can add HTML, Youtube, pictures, banners, etc. in any widgetZones for all customers and products or using conditions.

General Tracking (Customer's Interests)

Picture of General Tracking (Customer's Interests)
Tracking system. What are your customers interested in? Statistics.

History of Changes 2.0

Picture of History of Changes 2.0
The log of changes of basic store items (products, categories, manufacturers, customers). You can view the history of changes (old and new value).


Picture of NopSpeedFilters
Filters for NopCommerce product Navigation (specifications, product attributes, manufactures, vendors, price range).

NopStickers V2

Picture of NopStickers V2
Plug-in adds stickers, ribbons, framing, etc., allows to carry out different types of actions.

Internal Links (SEO)

Picture of Internal Links (SEO)
SEO. Carries out internal website linking to raise your website’s ranking in search engines.

NopModularProducts V2

Picture of NopModularProducts V2
Plugin for selling sets of products (furniture, dishes, modular products, collections of products, etc.).


Picture of NopYandexMarket
Creating YML-files for Yandex Market (SEO optimization).

PayPal exchange rate provider

Picture of PayPal exchange rate provider
PayPal exchange rate provider

NopLiqPay payment module (PrivatBank) 3.0

Picture of NopLiqPay payment module (PrivatBank) 3.0
LiqPay payment module (PrivatBank) for Ukraine and Russian. API 3.0.

NopUPC payment module (Raiffeisen Bank)

Picture of NopUPC payment module (Raiffeisen Bank)
UPC (Ukrainian Processing Center) payment module (Raiffeisen Bank).

Plugin Collection

Picture of Plugin Collection
All of our plugins are included (45 pcs.). ONE serial number for all our products.
nopAttachProducts -Thursday, June 29, 2017
Released the new plugin nopAttachProducts.
Released the new plugin Newsletter Subscription (Discount Coupon, etc.).
Changed algorithm for minification of pictures (Google recommendations).