NopRFQ. Request For Quote (Button, PopUp)

Request For Quote Extension enables your customers to send a request for quote to the site owner.

Plug-in adds Request for Quotation form (RFQ) to the goods (availability, delivery time, etc.).

1. Easy to install and configure.

2. You can change the design of Request for Quotation form (edit *.cshtml files).

3. Plug-in supports several different types of Request for Quotation forms (3 by default).

4. On Request for Quotation form your customer will see product picture, its description, will be able to select attributes, if any (from NopCommerce  3.00).
5. Support PopUp window for RFQ form (from NopCommerce  3.10).
6. Support avtomatic (from 3.50) and manually integration.

Compatible for NopCommerce 2.80, 3.00, 3.10, 3.20, 3.30, 3.40, 3.50, 3.60, 3.70, 3.80.

How to Install and Configure plugin.

You can see how this plugin works at Youtube