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    Thank you for your reply :)

    But i think you didn't understand me correctly.

    I Make an offer with 3 products for example, then i send this offer link to my client.
    My client open the link and he can see the offer with 3 products i added. (Until now everything is ok).

    now when the client click on the button add to chart from the offer page it direct him to the shopping chart but with only one of the products from the offer.
    i added screen shots.

    can you tell me what the problem could be ?

    about the new idea : i don't know if this exist already but you can do permission for admin users so that not all admin users can create offers.
    Another thing maybe you can make it the other way so that the clients can create offers for the store owner with permission for clients that i want them to make those offers.

    Hope i helped you get new ideas.

    2 years ago

    I just perches the Special price offer plugin and installed it on my site.
    know when i make a know offer and add it 5 or 3 products and then go to the offer site and press on add to chart button -> then in the chart only one product insert and not all of the products. can you tell me way ?  or how to fix it ?

    Thank you,

    2 years ago

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