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Profile: mcollins2618


    PayPal Express Checkout version: 1.26
    Nop Commerce version: 4.10

    Bug occurs on OnePageCheckout when multiple 'Payment Options' are available. When PayPal Express Checkout is selected as payment option, In the following step, the blue 'Continue' button is hidden by design in order to only allow a user to select "Paypal Checkout" or "Back".

    However, if "Back" is selected, and users returns to a different payment option (i.e. Stripe CC, or Check/Money Order, etc.), the blue Continue button remains hidden and checkout workflow is halted unless hard refresh takes place which resets entire checkout process.

    Would it be possible to get a fix implemented to solve this issue so out team does not have to implement 1 off fixes into our NOP Commerce code base?

    Thank you for your time.


    one year ago

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