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    I have a strange issue: the first callback from Stripe via webhook fails with an error 400, but the retry some minutes later succeeds. This seems to happen systematically.

    Erfolgreich (Succeeded)
    15.09.19, 09:16

    Fehlgeschlagen (Failed)
    15.09.19, 08:46

    Erfolgreich (Succeeded)
    13.09.19, 23:47

    Fehlgeschlagen (Failed)
    13.09.19, 23:17

    The payment module is set to "authorize and capture" mode if this matters.

    4 hours ago

    Wow, that was quick. Works perfectly, thank you very much!

    6 months ago

    Memory is 3.4GB committed of 8GB, so there's plenty of free memory.

    I'll try the logging sometime when there are no customers in the shop.

    6 months ago

    In our country the expected format is with the postal code first, then the city, e.g.:

    Firstname Lastname
    ZIP City

    It should be possible to omit the country when it matches a specific value (e.g. the country of origin of the shop).

    When printing labels, it would be great if one could choose on which label to start. E.g. I have a sheet of 2*5 labels and used 3 already (but 7 are still ready to be used), then I'd like to start on the 4th label for the next shipment run. A drop-down on the button would be intuitive and would not require an additional UI view (similar to Tables in Word etc.):

    6 months ago

    After installation, the nopCommerce 4.10 site does no longer work (error 502). Event log contains the following:

    Fault bucket 1616854701825052235, type 5
    Event Name: CLR20r3
    Response: Not available
    Cab Id: 0

    Problem signature:
    P1: C:\Program Files\dotnet\dotnet.exe
    P2: 2.1.26919.1
    P3: 5ba1bb46
    P4: FoxNetSoft.Plugin.Misc.MSSQLProvider
    P6: 5c653905
    P7: 1c4
    P8: 0
    P9: System.StackOverflowException

    After removing plugin from the directory it works again.

    6 months ago

    Here's an image of what I mean:

    When picking something up in Rothrist (chosen during checkout process by customer), the auto shipüment should take the goods from the Rothrist warehouse. Same when picking up from Roches, take it from the Roches warehouse.

    (Note that the names are only literally identical for the screenshot, effectively they have different names so I think that the association would need to be done explicitly in configuration.)

    6 months ago

    I'm afraid that the price for a custom development might be too high for our low volume. I just thought that this may actually be something others could use as well, which is why I posted it.

    Nevertheless, the rules I'd need currently are:
    - When picking the goods up in a store, create the shipment for that warehouse (we have a warehouse for each pickup location)
    - Be able to define a default warehouse otherwise
    - Control whether the automatic creation should also create a shipment if the goods are not in stock in the given warehouse

    6 months ago

    We have a shop with physical products, and we find the process of creating shipments manually somewhat cumbersome. Ideally, we'd like to have shipments created automatically when an order is added, possibly based on some rules (e.g. stock rules, shipment method, pickup location...).

    We're not the first with this idea, but I was not able to actually find a published plugin which does something like that.

    6 months ago

    Hmm, this forum does not seem capable of handling the XML content. Reply if you're interested and I'll send you the file.

    6 months ago

    We have translated the resource strings to German and thought we'd share that in case anyone is interested.
    [code]<Language Name="German" SupportedVersion="4.10"><LocaleResource Name="admin.foxnetsoft.plugin.misc.articles.article.activitylog.add"><Value>Artikel wurde hinzugefügt ('{0}')</Value></LocaleResource><LocaleResource Name="admin.foxnetsoft.plugin.misc.articles.article.activitylog.delete"><Value>Artikel wurde gelöscht ('{0}')</Value></LocaleResource><LocaleResource Name="admin.foxnetsoft.plugin.misc.articles.article.activitylog.edit"><Value>Artikel wurde bearbeitet ('{0}')</Value></LocaleResource><LocaleResource Name="admin.foxnetsoft.plugin.misc.articles.article.added"><Value>Der neue Artikel wurde erfolgreich hinzugefügt.</Value></LocaleResource><LocaleResource Name="admin.foxnetsoft.plugin.misc.articles.article.addnew"><Value>Artikel hinzufügen</Value></LocaleResource><LocaleResource Name="admin.foxnetsoft.plugin.misc.articles.article.backtolist"><Value>Zurück zur Artikelliste</Value></LocaleResource><LocaleResource Name="admin.foxnetsoft.plugin.misc.articles.article.deleted"><Value>Der Artikel wurde erfolgreich gelöscht.</Value></LocaleResource><LocaleResource Name="admin.foxnetsoft.plugin.misc.articles.article.edit"><Value>Einen Artikel bearbeiten</Value></LocaleResource><LocaleResource Name="admin.foxnetsoft.plugin.misc.articles.article.fields.aclcustomerroles"><Value>Beschränkt auf Benutzerrollen</Value></LocaleResource><LocaleResource Name="admin.foxnetsoft.plugin.misc.articles.article.fields.aclcustomerroles.hint"><Value>Die Benutzerrollen wählen, für die der Artikel angezeigt wird.</Value></LocaleResource><LocaleResource Name="admin.foxnetsoft.plugin.misc.articles.article.fields.allowcomments"><Value>Kommentare erlauben</Value></LocaleResource><LocaleResource Name="admin.foxnetsoft.plugin.misc.articles.article.fields.allowcomments.hint"><Value>Wenn aktiviert können Kunden Kommentare auf dem Artikel hinterlassen.</Value></LocaleResource><LocaleResource Name="admin.foxnetsoft.plugin.misc.articles.article.fields.articletemplate"><Value>Artikel-Vorlage</Value></LocaleResource><LocaleResource Name="admin.foxnetsoft.plugin.misc.articles.article.fields.articletemplate.hint"><Value>Artikel-Vorlage auswählen. Diese Vorlage bestimmt, wie der Artikel dargestellt wird.</Value></LocaleResource><LocaleResource Name="admin.foxnetsoft.plugin.misc.articles.article.fields.body"><Value>Hauptteil</Value></LocaleResource><LocaleResource Name="admin.foxnetsoft.plugin.misc.articles.article.fields.body.hint"><Value>Hauptteil.</Value></LocaleResource><LocaleResource Name="admin.foxnetsoft.plugin.misc.articles.article.fields.dateutc"><Value>Artikeldatum</Value></LocaleResource><LocaleResource Name="admin.foxnetsoft.plugin.misc.articles.article.fields.dateutc.hint"><Value>Artikeldatum.</Value></LocaleResource><LocaleResource Name="admin.foxnetsoft.plugin.misc.articles.article.fields.dateutc.required"><Value>Bitte ein Artikeldatum angeben.</Value></LocaleResource><LocaleResource Name="admin.foxnetsoft.plugin.misc.articles.article.fields.includeinsitemap"><Value>Sitemap</Value></LocaleResource><LocaleResource Name="admin.foxnetsoft.plugin.misc.articles.article.fields.includeinsitemap.hint"><Value>Auswählen, wenn der Artikel in der Sitemap aufgenommen werden soll.</Value></LocaleResource><LocaleResource Name="admin.foxnetsoft.plugin.misc.articles.article.fields.limitedtostores"><Value>Shopspezifisch</Value></LocaleResource><LocaleResource Name="admin.foxnetsoft.plugin.misc.articles.article.fields.limitedtostores.hint"><Value>Gibt an, ob der Artikel nur für bestimmte Shops verfügbar ist.</Value></LocaleResource><LocaleResource Name="admin.foxnetsoft.plugin.misc.articles.article.fields.metadescription"><Value>Beschreibung (Meta Description)</Value></LocaleResource><LocaleResource Name="admin.foxnetsoft.plugin.misc.articles.article.fields.metadescription.hint"><Value>Die Meta Description (= Beschreibung) wird nur für Suchmaschinen sichtbar

    6 months ago

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