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    I send an email for a newsletter using campaign functionality and for some reason it triggered this subscription template and sent discount codes to all the subscribers?

    my mistake discount code email was sent when i uploaded email list, and as soon as i did that i sent a campaign letter too thinking both were sent at once. I did not expect uploading new emails would send the discount code but it makes sense for the function to trigger at this point.

    one year ago

    I understand that your plugin uses that token but shouldn't there be a link for the customer to unsubscribe? This i'm sure is a nopcommerce questions but my questions is the unsubscribe link is not shown on the email.

    i meant the <a href="%NewsLetterSubscription.DeactivationUrl%"> token is not showing any link like in the attached pic.

    2 years ago

    Thanks you for the message. I found a landing page plugin which is a bit easier to design that your but i will test and buy your maybe when i have some more money. I also bought your newsletter discount plugin.
    quick question about it,
    1. discount coupon is auto generated right? by default it can be used n times zero which means we have to activate it right?
    2. i sent a test email to myself but the deactivation link is not showing and i couldn't find an answer in nopcommerce forum so just thought of asking you.

    Thank you in advance for checking on the landing page plugin i will write you a good reviews for the ones i bought.


    2 years ago

    Can we have like the email subscriber functionality plugged into a landing page?

    2 years ago

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